ROC: Report on CIB logging operation in Congo-Brazzaville

Published by Greenpeace International (August 2005): Excerpt from Greenpeace website: "...As a part of its global forest campaign, Greenpeace is increasing its activities in the Congo Basin, the 2nd largest rainforest area in the world. The logging (and related commercial poaching) of the remaining intact areas of these rainforests is a severe threat to the ecological integrity of the region...Rather than bringing sustainable development, the current industrial logging system has been for many decades a driving factor for environmental degradation, corruption, social conflicts and poverty. In this highly problematic political, social and economic context, Greenpeace does not support any further expansion of logging in the region. Without very drastic improvements in transparency and governance in general in the Congo Basin and in their forest sectors in particular, it is an illusion to hope that industrial logging will bring sustainable development. There currently are few indications that sufficient political will exists -- both in African States and at the international level -- to implement the reforms required..."

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