ROC: Rapport Sommaire Les Droits des Peuples Autochtones en Republique du Congo

This 2006 summary report published by the Rainforest Foundation UK and OCDH provides an excellent overview of human rights issues and relevant law in the Republic of Congo (downloading may take a few minutes). A later report released in October 2006 entitled "Les Droits des Peuples Autochtones en Republique du Congo synthesizes the information in this document and is more comprehensive - unfortunately it was not yet published on-line (as of 15 October 2006). Information about how to obtain a copy of the final report can be obtained from OCDH in Brazzaville or Rainforest Foundation UK. In the interim, this reference remains the best on-line resource for a current overview of human rights, national law and normative legal frameworks relevant to indigenous peoples in the Republic of Congo.

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