Remember Gender: rights and realities of indigenous women

Excerpt from report by Nancy Diamond "An Assessment of Gender Issues, Potential Impacts & Opportunities Under the New CARPE Strategic Objective" by Nancy Diamond (Final Report for USAID Africa Bureau): "...At this strategic juncture, CARPE core and partner staff have the opportunity to remedy previous
inattention to gender issues. Mainstreaming gender issues has many benefits for those trying to achieve sustainable conservation/NRM and gender equitable development. However, it is important to not just “add women and stir.” Simply adding a few women here and there or directing some support to an occasional women’s group or hiring one or two female staff is not enough. On the other hand, a female-focused strategy is no more likely to be no more successful
than a male-focused strategy. Gender mainstreaming means understanding the situation of both men and women and tailoring strategies to address these realities.

Deforestation and defaunation in the Congo Basin are complex livelihood-related behaviors with multiple stakeholders, including both women and men, urban and rural residents, commercial and subsistence actors and a plethora of ethnicities including the intertwined relationship between forest villagers and forest foragers.

As is, the proposed activities for the next phase of CARPE will have only an incidental positive affect on women. They are more likely to have a negative impact on women and the more vulnerable segments of society unless pro-active steps are taken by CARPE core and partner staff to understand gendered resource use, incentives, constraints and opportunities, including capacity building ones for professionals. .."

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