The GAP Project

*Recommended framework to address core challenges for actors in the Congo Basin. Excerpt from One World Trust website: "...The Global Accountability Project (GAP) is part of the Accountability Programme at the One World Trust which aims to generate wider commitment to the principles and values of accountability; increase the accountability of global organisations to those they affect; and strengthen the capacity of civil society to better engage in decision making processes...GAP was developed in 2001 with the aim of enhancing the accountability of decision making processes of inter-governmental organisations (IGOs), transnational corporations (TNCs) and international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) to the individuals and communities they affect. The GAP objectives are to: Develop an accountability framework that applies to IGOs, TNCs and INGOs; Assess the accountability of global organisations and advocate for specific reforms; Develop a network of individuals to promote learning around the issue of accountability in the IGO, TNC and INGO sectors; Facilitate and strengthen networking between individuals and organisations working on or advocating for accountability reform of global organisations. The project has two main components: 1) The GAP Framework, which can be used: to raise awareness and build consensus around what accountability means for different organisations and at different levels;
by stakeholder groups to advocate for accountability reforms of global organisations; by organisations, global or otherwise, to improve their own accountability; by the One World Trust to develop the Global Accountability Index and other internal projects. 2) The Global Accountability Index, generated by collecting information on organisations representative of the IGO, TNC and INGO sectors. The main objectives of the Index are to: identify specific areas for improvement within the accountability of the assessed organisations;
highlight best and worst accountability practices; develop a global perspective on accountability trends and challenges. A Global Accountability Report, Power without Accountability was published in 2003 as part of the pilot phase of GAP. It assessed and compared 18 organisations from the IGO, TNC and INGO sectors against their performance in terms of member control and access to on-line information, and had a positive impact on a number of organisations, which took active steps to increase their accountability. An Independent Advisory Panel oversees the mandate, strategy and activities of the Global Accountability Project..."

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