Assessment of NGOs in Central Africa: Case Studies in Cameroon, the Congo, Gabon and the Central African Republic

This study was prepared for the PVO-NGO/NRMS Project and the Biodiversity Support Program and its focus is principally conservation organizations. This highlights two key issues: Capacity and Accountability. What have been the outcomes of community development initiatives targeting indigenous peoples in protected areas? Have conservation organizations, with a core program focus on non-human species been successful in their efforts to meaningfully engage indigenous peoples in participatory processes? What development frameworks and models have proved successful? What lessons have been learned and how is knowledge being disseminated and shared to inform future programs? How accountable are conservation organizations to indigenous communities? What has worked, what hasn't and why? Who monitors and evaluates impacts on indigenous peoples? Is monitoring and evaluation neutral, independent and carried out in open recognition of what are inherent tensions in the goals to save wildlife and at the same time act in a way that is consistent with the best interests of people - as determined by people themselves? For donors, this document will provide insight into what are exceptionally high demands on organizational capacity and the need to assess and support capacity-building in a way that builds multi-disciplinary networks and promotes cooperative -rather than competitive - relationships between conservation and development actors.

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